More galleries are available in our studio upon request!

To download photos, hit the download icon. It’s the arrow pointing downward with a line underneath.

When you download your photos, the PHOTO TITLE will be downloaded as well. The title will say the word “photo” and the photo number.

The FIRST photo in the album will be titled “Photo” and every photo after will have a number attached to it. EXAMPLE: “Photo-88” or “Photo-347”

Use these photo numbers/titles to choose which photos you would like printed, included in an album, or mounted on canvas.

Please take the time to double and triple check your photo titles when sending us your order. We always triple check the photo numbers/titles on our end, and trust you have done the same. If you send us the wrong photo titles, we are not responsible for replacing any part of your order, including prints, albums, canvas mounts, and all other items ordered through The Heirloom Company. It is imperative that you have downloaded your photos in order to check the photo number/titles for accuracy.

If you have any questions about your album or how to order, please contact us!

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