Senior Ambassador Program - The Heirloom Company

The Heirloom Co’s Senior Ambassador Search is underway!

The Heirloom Co is currently seeking ambassadors from various high schools in Chilton, Shelby, Dallas, Autauga, and Bibb Counties to act as model representatives for our brand.

Any Junior or Senior can apply, but only a very limited number of student from each high school will be chosen.


Our Senior Ambassadors (also called Reps) are juniors and seniors we have hand selected to represent The Heirloom Co at their high school. Reps will receive a FREE fun and unique extended modeling session, after which all enhanced images will be added to a private, password-protected viewing gallery. You will receive FOUR images of your choice from this viewing gallery, and will have the opportunity to unlock all of the photos throughout the year.

Our Reps will have several opportunities for free sessions throughout the year. Photos from these sessions will be used in marketing materials in flyers, on our website, and on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our Reps have several opportunities throughout the year to earn credits that can be used toward unlocked photos, print releases, prints, photo albums, friend sessions, canvas photos, and much more!


Our Reps are chosen to represent The Heirloom Co for approximately 18 months, which allows enough time to complete the first modeling session before their senior year begins. Reps will have a few responsibilities during their 18 months with us.

We provide digital Senior Rep Cards to all of our Reps. These cards will have one of your photos on it, with information for The Heirloom Co. Reps are encouraged to give these cards to their friends who are Juniors or Seniors- if someone uses your Senior Rep Card when booking a senior portrait session with The Heirloom Co, you’ll receive credits with us that you can use toward products and sessions!

Digital Senior Rep Cards can be texted or emailed to your friends, so you don’t have to keep up with physical cards throughout the year!

Since we will use your images in our marketing campaigns, we require our Reps to like/follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, so we can tag you in your photos. Please review your privacy settings and make sure our page can tag you in photos!

We encourage your parents or guardians to like/follow these pages, so we can tag them. If they also like/follow our pages, we know they will see what marketing and promotional material you’re included in. This can also help you get more friends to book a session and help you earn credits!

More information about how to earn credits is detailed below.


Applicants and their parent or guardian must sign an Acknowledgement Statement, a Senior Ambassador Application, and Parent Contract, all of which must be filled out entirely. Please do not leave blank spaces on any form. 

Email us the completed packet and your headshot or best selfie, and bring the original completed packet with you to your first modeling session.

The Heirloom Co will collect applications until February 20 and will select the next year’s Reps by March 1. Please be aware that a very limited number of representatives will be chosen from each area high school, so apply early.


The Heirloom Co is looking for students with outgoing personalities who like to model and have fun. We prefer our Reps be involved in extra-curricular activities, like cheerleading, band, science clubs, etc., and willing to represent The Heirloom Co throughout the year by recommending us to their peers and handing out Senior Rep Cards. Your portraits should reflect why YOU are and let your personality shine through your photos.

For your modeling session, please bring a few outfits that represent your style. If you play a sport or participate in a uniformed extra-curricular activity, bring in your uniform. If you play an instrument, bring that.


Your child's senior year of high school can be very expensive. You may find yourself paying for graduation invitations, college applications, prom outfits, yearbook ads, and so much more. The Heirloom Co is giving you the opportunity to limit your costs y allowing your child to become a Senior Ambassador for The Heirloom Co.

A parent or guardian is required to attend the Rep’s first modeling session with The Heirloom Co, and is required to sign your Senior Ambassador Application. It is up to the Rep and his or her parent or guardian whether or not they attend future modeling sessions, but it is an absolute requirement that they attend the first session. The Heirloom Co will review your contracts and answer any questions you have during this first modeling session.

You MUST sign an Acknowledgement Statement, a Senior Ambassador Application, and Parent Contract, before your child can be eligible for selection. Please do not leave blank spaces on any form. By completing and submitting these forms, you are permitting The Heirloom Co to use your son’s/daughter’s first name and photographs on our website, social media pages, and in marketing materials. You are confirming you have the authority and ability to commit to this program. 

Applying to or being accepted for this program in no way obligates the Reps or their parents or guardians to make purchases from The Heirloom Co.


In order for a Rep to start earning credits toward free photos, products, and sessions, The Heirloom Co must book a minimum of four (4) referrals referred by a Rep. Each referral equals one credit.

• 4 credits: 10 total images unlocked from your viewing gallery

• 6 credits: Custom yearbook ad ($50 value)

• 8 credits: Mini session with you and a friend ($100 value)

• 10 credits: 50 total images unlocked from your viewing gallery

• 12 credits: VIP session for you, or you and a friend

• 14 credits: All images unlocked from your viewing gallery

• 16 credits: $50 print credit

• 18 credits: Jump drive of all enhanced images from all modeling sessions ($150 value)

• 20 credits: 8x10 canvas print of your choice ($175 value)

• 22 credits: 11x14 canvas print of your choice ($200 value)

• 24 credits: Print release that does not expire ($250 value)

• 25 credits: Hardcover album with 20 enhanced images of your choice ($275 value)

You can earn ALL of these bonuses! For example, if you earn 25 credits, you get everything you see listed above!

The three (3) students with the highest number of bookings will also receive the following rewards: 

• Third Place – $75 Visa Gift Card

• Second Place – $100 Visa Gift Card

• First Place – $150 Visa Gift Card


• The top three (3) students will be notified via email. The deadline for booking referrals to earn the prizes for the first, second or third place is September 1.

• All referrals must have scheduled and paid their Session Fee at booking, and mentioned your Senior Rep Card while booking, in order to count toward your credits.


• You must submit your application to us via email at no later than February 20 to be considered as an ambassador for the upcoming school year.

• You must schedule your first modeling session to take place before May 1.

• You will be representing our company so we ask that you actively promote The Heirloom Co throughout the year by texting/DMing, private messaging, or emailing your Senior Rep Cards to your friends who are Juniors and Seniors.

• Like or follow our social media pages so we can tag you in promotional and marketing materials that you appear in.

• We rely on your support and active models will be rewarded with credits toward free photos, products, and sessions.

• You must use your modeling photos as your profile picture on all social media until December 1.

• Fill out this application packet entirely, email us a copy of it and include your head shot or your best selfie, and bring the original copy of this application packet to your first modeling session.

• Have a GREAT time and enjoy your Junior and Senior year!


To request an application packet, click on the link below and send us an email stating that you'd like a packet. A packet will be emailed to you within 24 hours. When you receive it, please download it, fill it out, and email it back to us with a photo!

Be advised that we accept packets for the upcoming school year until February 20. Any application received after February 20 will not be reviewed for the upcoming school year. 

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