I M P O R T A N T     I N F O R M A T I O N

> If you booked event photography, or purchased both a session AND a full gallery upon booking (a single image, or 15+ images):

Your full gallery will be unlocked immediately with no watermarks if you purchased a full gallery, or purchased only one image, at the time of booking. Downloading instructions are listed below.

> If you purchased a session with 1 image:

Your image is ready to download. See instructions below. 

> If you purchased a gallery with 7 images:

1. Open your gallery and decide which photos you’d like to keep.

2. Open each photo and find the menu with the lowercase “i” inside the circle. On a computer, this menu will be open to the left side of the screen. On a mobile device, this menu can be opened by clicking the menu button, which would be the three horizontal lines toward the bottom of each photo. Click it to open the photo information.

3. Find the photo name. It’ll read “Photo-0001” or something similar. Email us these photo names, and we will remove the watermark from those images, so you then can download your fully enhanced, non-watermarked images to any device. Send titles to TheHeirloomCo@outlook.com. THE SUBJECT OF YOUR EMAIL SHOULD BE YOUR GALLERY URL. EXAMPLE: www.theheirloomco.com/MFF/Spring-Fling/2023/Gallery01

4. If you can’t find the photo name, email us screenshots of your selected photos.

> If you want to purchase additoinal images: 

You may elect to add additional images for an additional $8 charge per photo, or you can add the entire gallery for one charge. Please inquire about pricing for your entire gallery. 

If you have selected more photos than your session included, an payment link will be emailed to you, and you can pay the invoice online or through Venmo. If you order additional images, your final images will be released in a private gallery once your session fee and additional gallery fee are paid in full.

> To download photos from your final non-watermarked gallery:

Open each image and click the download icon. It’s the arrow pointing downward with a line underneath. You can download individual photos to your device, or you can download the entire gallery at once, which is typically emailed in a .zip folder. To download your entire gallery, click the download icon from your gallery’s thumbnail page.

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