February Featured Wedding: Uri and Jessi

Jessi and Uri had a picturesque wedding atop Mount Cheaha in Central Alabama on what was supposed to be a clear and sunny day last year. While it was sunny and warm at the bottom of the mountain, the fog grew thick and the temperature dropped the closer we got to the top. The mountain fog was absolutely beautiful!

When we arrived at the lodge to start taking their wedding day photos, we could hardly see ten feet in front of our car! The two-story stone lodge, which sat just 20 feet to our left, was barely visible.

I knew we had a special setting presented to us, one that we may not have for a long while, so we whisked the bride and groom outside for some stunning, foggy mountain portraits.

We spent quite a bit of time outside, and the longer we were taking photos, the more magical the setting became. Trees slowly disappeared into the background as more fog rolled in; places we knew were excellent spots to have miles of beautiful, clear views became gray and mysterious.

Jessi and Uri looked stunning in their white and black attire against the gray background, fading trees, and moss-covered boulders. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to photograph such a sweet couple in this breathtaking mountain setting!

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